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A new look for a fashion HQ

A playful layout, with a refined and modern aesthetic, peppered with Instagram moments and authentic interactions. We could be talking about, but this is actually about the company's 23,000 square foot HQ in London’s iconic Minster Building. Thirdway and Lyst worked together to elevate an existing stage 2 concept into a contemporary, built-for-growth office reflecting the company’s sartorial spirit.

Project Details

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23,000 SQ FT
City of London
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design for the people

Lyst is the world’s largest fashion search platform. From two founders in a Shoreditch garage to more than 150 people in a central London office, the journey so far is the stuff of start-up dreams. Our work started with the people building the brand. Using the unique floorplate circling a 7-storey glass-roofed atrium as our canvas, Thirdway Interiors sewed together a comfortable, agile, and naturally inspiring space.

Traffic, lights and sounds

The Minster Building’s soaring atrium lets in loads of natural light on both sides of the workspace. Our most significant alteration to Lyst’s existing concept by Aros Architects was redesigning the layout to balance this light with the flow of foot traffic and requirements for different working environments.

Well-being at work is a significant consideration in the way we designed a layout for Lyst:

  • Unique small team spaces Easy interactions with the extended team
  • Stadium seating for whole-office sessions
  • Movable hot-desking including modular power and USB charging
  • Generous tea point serving as a break room, kitchen, and an after-hours bar
  • ‘Garden walk’ quiet zone circling the atrium even down to a coloured glass dividing wall, Thirdway’s design allows for privacy without shutting out the light.

Wear it well

Lyst, Thirdway, and our furniture partners Tribe collaborated closely to make sure the finishing touches reflect the brand’s vibrancy and innovation. Our design features broad swathes of Lyst’s primary deep blue brand colour, paired with a palette of secondary blue hues and contrasted with bold pink and apricot detailing. Furniture follows the core palette, including accents of bold pink in the kitchen’s picnic tables alongside calming teal and natural pine framing informal breakout spaces.

accommodating future growth

Lyst needs an office they can expand into without feeling like they’re being swallowed in empty space. Key to achieving this was understanding how the teams work, both apart and together, and how they interact when work is done.

Two large breakout spaces are used formally and informally depending on the day’s mood. You might find the whole Lyst team together on the stadium seating for an all-hands meeting, or a small group collected around the ping pong table. Similarly, the bright kitchen is a place to recharge during the day and gather after-hours.

Tribe’s furniture proposal is best described as modern & vibrant and it’s clear that we set out looking to inject colour into the space. With bespoke powder coat paint finishes, selected fabric combinations and textured laminate top finishes helping to create a workspace that creates an experience to all who enter.

Modular hot desking also allows teams to flex and change with time. Lyst is growing into the space, and we’re sure they will fill out fast

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Will Randlesome

Will Randlesome

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