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Our end-to-end process is special because it lets you draw on all the disciplines within Thirdway – even if you think you only need one of them. It creates space for big, creative thinking. Plus the certainty to pull it off. Along the way, we learn what makes you, your people and your business tick. The outcome you need is different to anyone else’s. So we shape our process to help you get there.

01. Understand

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Our team will observe and analyse your ways of working. We’ll discuss your vision for the future, and which decisions are best for your business’s strategy. Whether it’s introducing a hybrid working model or changing office entirely, we’ll work out the briefs that need to be built. And crucially, we’ll have the data to justify why.

02. PLAN

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We’re committed to quality, style and creativity and we deliver this through fixed-price contracts and a unique project management approach. It’s our holistic understanding, as well as meticulous planning, that de-risks all projects, guarantees total engagement and makes the process a journey we all want to go on.

03. Design

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Our design teams have no house style. We do what’s right for your project instead. We create concepts that realise your ambitions, whether you’re a company moving into a space, or a landlord marketing it. We work closely with Tribe who make sure the furniture is as on point as the environment. Being under the same roof allows seamless interaction, and their open-minded approach and zero supplier bias promises a quality, tailored service. Through showroom tours and finishes meetings we’ll work with you, in person, on every last detail.

04. Build


Once all else is agreed, our delivery team takes the reins as we continue to turn your new concepts into reality. We’ll manage relationships with your landlord –  and local planning authority if required – as well as the on-site teams. We’ve spent a decade growing an extended network of trusted contractors, who carry out even the smallest individual jobs to the highest Thirdway standards. It’s everybody’s responsibility to make sure we finish the job on time and on budget.



When a project ends, the relationship doesn’t. We’ll be around to check in and see how your space is working for everyone in it. We’re here for any redevelopments you might need down the line, from switching out floor tiles to building new meeting rooms. If your business sees change, we’ll adapt your environment to change with it.



We can make sure your first moments in your new office are as exciting as they should be by managing the logistics of getting you there, physically and culturally. A dedicated move manager can organise a team to do the heavy lifting while our change management specialists are on hand to make sure your people are ready for new things.

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The perfect furniture brief. Or a multi-million pound redevelopment project. We treat them both the same.