Chiswick Park I


One half of Chiswick Park I is a clean, contemporary office. Sleek lines and slick finishes frame a productive office layout. The other half is raw. Exposed services complement unfinished materials and moody textures. It’s on the cusp of unconventional, like you took a wrong turn in West London and ended up in a Brick Lane warehouse. How do these two distinct environments meet to create a cohesive workplace? The answer lies in the collaborative process and the story of how we kick-started the Cat A+ movement.

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Project Details

Cat A+

Two halves of the whole picture

Blackstone came to us with a unique brief. They recognised that Chiswick Park needed an injection of character because prospective tenants were struggling to see past the Cat A finish.

With 28,000 square feet of blank canvas and a brief to attract a medley of high-calibre tenants, we needed to do something different with Chiswick Park I.

Equal parts corporate and creative

The resulting 12,000 square foot marketing suite is a space with two personalities. The first is the polished young professional with clean lines and crisp edges, curated in a monochrome colour scheme.

We followed conventional office design principles, raising the floor to run power to workstations and installing a uniform suspended ceiling. It’s all finished with contemporary furniture and a minimal lighting design, creating an ergonomic and pragmatic atmosphere for working at the grid of desks or in the nested meeting pods.

The other personality is the daring creative, on the right side of edgy but with eclectic energy that inspires new ideas. By stripping away the surface to expose the services and textures beneath, and letting our furniture partners Tribe get inventive, Thirdway designed a functional and flexible workplace where ideas flow. Responsibly sourced raw timber, darker textures and plenty of verdant colour create a prototype high-energy workspace where creativity is expertly crafted into great products.

An ethos of enjoying work

Chiswick Park is set on a lake and surrounded by green space, with natural light and fantastic views streaming through the windows. Inside, the layout inspires productivity, while outside people slow down and recharge.

The campus environment is ideally suited to both audience profiles, corporate and creative. Our marketing suite project captures each side of the imagination, drawing prospective tenants towards one side or the other without coercion.

As visitors interact with furniture, chosen by Tribe and sourced from several suppliers from all over Europe and Scandanavia they can begin to visualise their team working around them whilst high-quality joinery elements hint at what’s possible in a fully fitted-out commercial space. That’s where the magic begins.


A series of firsts

Chiswick Park I is an industry leader in many ways. From the first impression down to joinery elements and carefully selected furniture, every detail moves the yardstick a little further.
For example, the unique Crittall-style glazing installed as partitions on the creative side is a first for Thirdway. Designing for two separate tenant profiles, without a specific sector in mind, is also a first – for our team, Blackstone, and the commercial property sector.

Our success became the catalyst for Cat A+ design. After Chiswick Park I won silver at the 2018 London Design Awards, ready-to-use space for small businesses and start-ups began springing up across London. Thirdway pioneered the Cat A+ movement, leading the industry to a new design standard.

Given enough canvas to brand the space, and without the high upfront costs of traditional offices, corporates and creatives can both find a business address with everything they need already installed.

Tribe worked with several suppliers with varied styles from all over Europe and Scandanavia and articulately project managed the furniture scope, ensuring all items were delivered & installed within programme.



The results speak for themselves. Whether it be tenants, guests or the agent community, they’ve all been completely blown off their feet.”
Nick Pearce, Blackstone

Project Team

Paul Brown

Paul Brown

Commercial Director

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