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The Thirdway is a journey

This week we launch not only a new website experience but an entirely refreshed brand for Thirdway. It’s a process that’s taken a nostalgic look at the last decade and looked forward to the next. Drawing on the spirit and values that have driven us from day one, our new identity accurately represents the proud and professional team we have become.  

Thirdway journey
Thirdway are known for pushing the boundaries of workplace design whilst keeping user experience – people - at the heart of it. Our new website had to be a reflection of both of those things. ”

At a time when the workplace sector has been one of the most disrupted industries globally, communicating the breadth of what we can offer has never been more important. What began in 2009 as a small design and build company is now part of something much bigger.  

Thirdway journey

Our award-winning business model means that companies that engage with us can draw on the expertise of a network of sister companies. Our interior design and delivery teams work closely with an extended team of workplace consultants, architects, technology experts, furniture specialists, and, for landlords, property marketing innovators. Our website helps to join the dots between us and the family of businesses we’re a part of, demonstrating the 360-degree service of tailored, joined-up solutions available to our clients. 

The rebrand embodies our journey but above all it's a celebration of Thirdway’s relationships. We're a company of people fully engaged in creating outcomes that meet our clients’ needs. We hope the rebrand will unlock our creativity further and enable ever new ways of working together.”
Ben Gillam, Owner & CEO.

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