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Weaving Life

Weaving Life is an hour-long documentary about the life of American Dan Terry and his family who spent over 30 years devoted to the people, the culture, and the landscapes of Afghanistan. Tragically, in August 2010, Dan was among 10 humanitarian aid workers assassinated in Afghanistan.

Weaving Life tells of the way Dan wove relationships, joy, partnership, and understanding into his work in Afghanistan. In this documentary you’ll hear stories about how Dan and his family confronted assumptions, discarded platitudes, and relentlessly pursued authentic relationships.

Eastern Mennonite University film students, intrigued by Dan’s commitment and humility, embarked on their own journey to understand the story. Through interviews, Dan’s photography, and their own artwork and video journals, the students discover the startling power of sustained commitment and what Dan called “fierce” love.  Follow their blog here.

Dan’s story is told by longtime friends Jonathan Larson and Daniel Taylor, his daughter, Anneli Terry, and his wife, Seija Terry. Also featuring Dr. Lisa Schirch, long-time peacebuilder in Afghanistan.

Jonathan Larson tells more of the story of Dan Terry's life in the book, Making Friends among the Taliban.  Find out more about Jonathan and the book on his website:

A trailer from the documentary:

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