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General Third Way Café | Your site disgusts me as I have seen the truth
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Wow Dan,

I'm so sorry that you've had such a terrible experience with church, as well as with your Mennonite family.

I hope your experience is not the norm. However whether it is or not, it's wrong. No one should be treated that way. To call such actions and attitudes as you encountered "Christian" of any kind is to take the Lord's name in vain.

I've felt a little of what you're talking about since my mom isn't Mennonite by heritage, but my dad is. I'm their oldest child and I remember a lot of family gatherings where I just held on to my mom's knee because everything was foriegn there. Most notably the language.

I don't know how things are where you are but here things seem to have simmered down quite a bit. I've met many other people my age who are only 1/2 Mennonite by heritage, so it seems many Mennonites are marrying non-Mennonites or atleast people who didn't grow up in the Mennonite faith. I have a cousin who is adopted and also my great-grandmother was adopted. As I understand it, adoption was/is quite common among Mennonites in Manitoba, and I haven't heard about anything like what you experienced. I hope that somehow things will improve for you and your family in the future.


Manitoba Canada
8/5/2004 12:49:00 AM
General Third Way Café | Your site disgusts me as I have seen the truth
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I am posting a response Dan because I think you are curious how other Mennonites will respond and you will read them. You seem to have a lot of bottled anger and I hope putting it down in words was some relief for you. I pray that you can find forgiveness for those people whom you feel have betrayed you. Yes, we are all dying and we do not know the day the Lord will call us home. When He does, be ready. I heard some good advice from a co-worker this week. He said to do what I can for the Lord and not compare myself to others. Jesus went to the cross for all of us and we are far from perfect. I have had future plans altered many times due to illness and it is disappointing to not fulfill my expectations. However, I keep saying "God is working" and he will reveal things to me when the time is right. I hope you can find your final days on earth a joyous time. Jesus has made a promise for your eternal salvation and He will keep it. You just need to keep your promise to Him.

Wendel Bauman
Mason, Ohio USA
6/27/2004 4:17:00 PM
General Third Way Café | Your site disgusts me as I have seen the truth
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Don't bother to email me as I merely stumbled onto your site in an effort to find a group opposed to the fundamental aspects of your view of Christianity and such and wanted to make a contribution to their cause

I was brought up in a Mennonite home but being as I was not -of the blood- of my parents but adopted I have realized the hatred Mennonites in general have for folks not of similar race and/or adopted or of foster origins and such

let me get right to the point here...
I am dying
No ifs ands or buts due to kidney/liver disease in part thanks to working for an antibaptist who did not believe(read: care to spend money to protect his few workers in his small shop) in safety precautions and breathing in the fumes of Nitric Acid and such--thank goodness his shop has been closed due to the EPA finally stepping in but not before myself and another had contracted incurable diseases (His lymphatic cancer) as we were the only ones to have to step foot in that room with the fetid fumes and dip tanks with no ventilation

I am not saying ALL Mennonites are evil but the ones that take their vicious religion to heart are and no playing about as a peace church or a church based on love and so forth will cover up the fact that as a whole your church is devoted to hatred.
Not hatred as in an Aryan nation church sort of obvious way but of a much more devious and hidden form Hatred of anyone not born within your specific little clan by blood. And, the most obvious disdain I have ever seen from any church organization for anyone who does not wish to take on your prejudices and values of hatred you embody in your creed even if they are kind people and overall warm souls

What is so sickening is the peace and love you espouse as your creed but in all my years of having been forced to attend one of your churches in my area I have never seen ONE single true act of love or kindness by any of your members in that sect--at least none which would not bring them some form of positive notoriety and reinforcement from others of newsworthiness or tax relief or could be used as an excuse to propagate your cult.
As it is a cult

Now I find I am dying and there isnt a thing I can do about it. I suppose I should have been like my Mennonite father who spent his money as fast as he made it and the otther mennonites in thier new cars and fine homes and meals out every night but that just wasnt me--it made no sense to me and so much was just for show and ego anyway

I remember for over 18 years and to this day the most revered men there in that church were the ones with the most cash on hand and who -usually through inheritance- had the most money.
There was never any talk of pacifism or being a peace-church except to outsiders except how to avoid the draft during the Vietnam war and such but it was not based on a peace type of agenda as I remember being the ONLY person in my Sunday School class who did not believe the Vietnam war as proper and the correct path for our nation and was called a communist several times for expressing my views on it and told to leave the room even though the tone of my voice was not strident but measured--it was merely due to differing views and intolerance of the mennonite church for other than the monetary benefits derived thru warmongering and such--higher cattle/grain prices etc But, I was the only one who would have served my country willingly if called up but as I was partially disabled due to a birth defect I was not able to serve--or I would have done so as I felt the military would have really offered me a great ladder up since I was adopted and quite poor In fact... at that church

Yes, I am bitter
And, I could care less what type of nonsense you Mennonites practice but the fact that I was made a pyriah due to my birth as an adoptee as well as my sister who was shunned due to a divorce she has as well as a chlid who was born retarded--she went into a great depression for a long time after a supposed suicide attempt thanks in part to the Mennonites kicking her out after her divorce and such-- I mean as a child at church functions and other Mennonite family get togethers I remember her holding onto me and crying as the others in the groups used to taunt her for her not being of their blood or being a "bastard" and such It was disgusting and just another reminder of ther true nature of your cult

But, it doesnt really make much differnce now. It's too late unless I buy a kidney/liver from a person in a land where the dollar goes far or have one imported from Red China where they --for a price -execute a prisoner with your same blood type to ensure a better chance of your body accepting the organ But, I just cannot come to grips with doing something like that OH, I found out about that option thru the web and also a man in my mennonite church took that route as he had unlimited millions of dollars but it didnt do him much good anyway as he was found dead of a heart attack with his young secretary by paramedics. It was sort of a joke as he was a big time businessman in Lancaster and considered one of the 'elders in the mennonite church although he did go thru a lot of young secretarys! heh

Just looking at your site disgusts me as I know of the truth of your cult religion and the hate it espouses The hatred of minorities and such The hatred of those not in the cult and the abusive nature Mennonite business owners have towards thier workers in my area The intolerance is legend and everyone in Lancaster County of the age of majority knows of it and only works for a mennonite or Amish employer if they have no where else to go or have serious work blemishes on their records as the explotation of people and workers thru low pay and poor benefits and blatantly unsafe and illegal working conditions by mennonites is well known

I wish sometimes there was a God and Devil and other such nonsense so that I could reside in hell and be the Devil's right hand man in persecuting all the mennonites who are paraded in front of me But, alas, it is only a foolish nonsensical fairy tale anyway and as cogent a doctrine as the Mennonite church being one of peace and love and goodwill for all men or the Easter bunny and tooth fairy

If Galileo Galili(sp) were alive today- it would be the Mennonites at the forefront persecuting him for his science and truths about the world as you folks are the most backward meanspirited types I have ever seen walk this earth

Lancaster, PA USA
6/27/2004 6:51:00 AM
General Third Way Café | Dating/Marriage outside the Old Order
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Anglea Wegmen--
I read your note concerning dating an Old Order Mennonite from Rockingham County, and found it interesting. I have a lot in common with you and your friend and would enjoy talking with you.
--Elva Whetzel

Dayton, VA USA
12/15/2003 8:43:00 PM
General Third Way Café | Dating/Marriage outside the Old Order
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I have recently started dating a wonderful man, who happens to come from an Old Order Mennonite family. Although we come from, so to speak; two different worlds, we share many of the same beliefs,values, etc..
He has been struggling with leaving the Old Order church for a few years, but can not stand the thought of his family shunning him. He loves and respects his family for who they are. He just wishes to live his own life through love, and not obligation. He has thought of telling his family of our dating, but is afraid that they will blame me and says that it has nothing to do with me, that it is something he has wanted for years.
Even though we have only been dating a short while, we have so much in common. From our up bringing to views & beliefs on realtionships, religion, marriage, parenting, etc.. We believe that we could build a wonerful life together, but just as he, I fear the consequences of our relationship. I do not want us to do anything that will cause him greatter unhappiness later.

Mt. Crawford, Virginia US
11/15/2003 11:06:00 PM
General Third Way Café | Being a follower of Christ
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My dear brother,
Get out of that church! You cannot be a real christian if you do not believe that the bible is the inspired word of God. Morals without faith is called humanism. You need a church that will help you grow in the love of the saviour & the scriptures. Then you will become a true, radical activist!

8/7/2003 7:02:00 AM
General Third Way Café | Being a follower of Christ
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I attend a mennonite church where the minister says the bible is not all insired by God, is part of a activist group that had to be held back by police to keep them from attacking pro troop rally, belives that animals have souls,etc.
No matter what church you go to it is an organization that promotes self interests and beliefs.
Church should be about encouraging one another in our LIVE and REAL relationship with God. I always share my expeerience of Gods Love for me with others. But many are on a journey of promoting ones own personal beliefs and use God to do so. We have to come to God on His terms. That is God's way. May you experiance the true love of God. John

columbia falls, MT USA
7/11/2003 2:12:00 PM
General Third Way Café | Being a follower of Christ
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I am from a diverse denominational background. I currently attend a non-denominational church. I have heard of the Mennonites through my familiarity with my late grandmother's Plymouth Brethern background. I research the Mennonites and I like to find our the biblical policies of differentdenominations to make sue they line up with the Word of God.

I have been burned by different churches and their different codes of acceptance. I battled it with the non-denomniational church I currently attend. I am funny mix of Plymouth Brethern, Anglican and Pentecostal. I fear people don't know what to do with me. I don't know maybe people are afraid that I might actually enjoy worshiping God without wondering if I will hear the Plymouth and Anglican telling me to be quiet :)

Anyway, I am radical a bit with my stance on actually liking to wear nice skirts to church. I wear jeans at times to church, yet more and I more I become more pleased with wearing a skirt. I just want to be more feminine.

If anything, I have been misjudged due to wearing dressing up for church and then dressing down for church. I never seem to fit in with people codes. I leave a church were what I wore is not as fancy, then I go to another church where it is deemed as being fancy. Either way people are upset . Life is funny.

Yet I appreciate this forum to open my eyes to the worlf of the Mennonities. Also I am reading a series of books where the author was once part of a Plain community and wrote a bit about the Amsih and their Mennonite cousins :)


7/5/2003 6:07:00 PM
General Third Way Café | General Third Way Cafe: puppymills in lancaster PA
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That is very interesting; I grew up in Wisconsin and my father is a Lutheran pastor. I would call myself a Mennonite more than anything else, though. Many Lutherans do not believe the Bible should be taken literally (or that Christian liberty gives us the right to live however we want and it will be pleasing to God as long as we've been "baptised"), so it has been difficult to relate to my father since I was saved. Let the following be a warning and a comfort: not all who call themselves Christians are. and not all Christians are seeking to follow Christ; there are backsliders. It is sad to see such a negative testimony in what people see as a Christian community, but many people no longer know what true faith is. Perhaps you have heard the (true) stories of Anabaptists who have been taught you cannot be sure of salvation (that salvation is based on works and not faith). Many of those, because they do not have the Truth, fall into extremely immoral behaviour. Rest assured dear: God desires that YOU shine His light in the world, whether others who claim to be His do or not. Trust the infallible Word of God rather than the actions of men. I pray God will bless you as you work through this struggle.


8/29/2002 11:36:00 PM
General Third Way Café | General Third Way Cafe: Need something [christian] to do on Vacation
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Greetings. You may want to check out Elderhostel. There is a web site which contains the courses they offer. They have camp retreats and much more. I have never been, but my mom has looked into the courses. I think they are mainly for seniors, but I think you might be able to attend a session. Good luck.

Wendel Bauman
Mason, Ohio USA
12/15/2001 9:31:00 AM
General Third Way Café | General Third Way Cafe: Need something [christian] to do on Vacation
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Hi, Having hit 40+ [how did that happen?] I would LOVE to attend a course/seminar for a week or 2 this spring/summer [2002]. Any ideas where I could look?? Enough of a work load so I would feel I am studying something [Christain related hopefully] but also remembering I am using Vacation time for this activity and can not come home wiped out by allnighters ! Please anyone email with ideas !! Thanks, In Christ's Grace Ken

New Brunswick, NJ US
12/14/2001 3:21:00 PM
General Third Way Café | General Third Way Cafe
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where is cindy? i read your post and wanted to write you back but didnt know how to do it. anyway i wanted to tell you that those who would judge you for your husband or not going to a fundalmentist church are not true followers of christ. he loved everyone,and the bible talks of
when we go to heaven there will be people of every tongue tribe and nation. there is no predujice in heaven and definitly no place for it in the house of god. unfortunately, alot of churches have forgot their first love and now only care about attracting those with money so they can make more, or worse, having the "best" people in town attending. they are wrong. you cannot judge people for what they do or how they live, only god can. if anyone out there has any diffrent viewpoint, please let us discuss it

when we go to heaven there are people of every nation toungue and tribe. this shows that those that would censor you for whatever are showing that they are no better than the pharisees in bile \

mexico, mo usa
11/15/2001 5:57:00 PM
General Third Way Café | General Third Way Cafe: CPT
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Why don"t the Christian Peacemaker Teams go talk to Bin Laden? Surely they could find some way to befriend him. They could find out what he realy wants and end all this. Naf

9/21/2001 6:55:00 AM
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