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Waging Peace: Muslim and Christian Alternatives is an hour-long documentary about overcoming mistrust, hatred, and violence.  It looks at the history of peacemaking in both Christian and Muslim traditions, and includes stories of how these faith groups work for peace.  The goal of the documentary and this supplementary material online is to help nurture an atmosphere in society for better understanding of each other and a more peaceful future for our world.


Waging Peace is airing June 23 through Dec. 22, 2013 on NBC-TV stations.

Waging Peace first aired on over 130 ABC-TV stations in the U.S. from October 23 through Dec. 18, 2011 with local screenings with panel discussions took place in Harrisonburg, Va. and Ontario, Canada.  If you'd like to promote interfaith dialogue in your community, consider hosting a screening of Waging Peace. Contact us

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Premise of the documentary: 
There is a treacherous fault line creeping its way around the world marking profound distrust and animosity between Christians and Muslims of various groups. While both groups have in their histories war-making and violence, another reality exists that gets too little attention. Muslims and Christians both are dedicating their lives to the pursuit of peace and peacful relationships. In this documentary we examine the streams of peace that flow through both the Christian and Muslim worlds.

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