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Who are the Mennonites?

The Naked Anabaptist, by Stuart Murray


Stuart Murray is the author of The Naked Anabaptist and as stated in the foreword to the book (by Gregory Boyd), "offers this dialogue not to try to get people to join the Mennonites or any other Anabaptist group but simply because it’s to the advantage of both Anabaptists and the rising tribe of kingdom people to learn from and support one another. Indeed, from a kingdom perspective, it’s imperative that we learn from and support one another."

Maybe Mennonite culture and traditions have stifled the Anabaptist heritage.

See a full press release with quotes from the author.

From the book's introduction, Murray writes:

Why are Christians in Britain and Ireland getting so excited about their Anabaptist forebears? This question is given added poignancy by the lack of interest in the Anabaptist tradition among many North American Mennonites. I have often found myself urging North American Mennonite students and church leaders to recover their own radical heritage as a source of renewal and inspiration. Although Mennonite scholars during the twentieth century embarked on a quest to rehabilitate Anabaptism, their passion and insights have not yet had the impact they deserve. Many Mennonites seem more interested in purpose-driven churches or the Alpha course. Maybe Mennonite culture and traditions have stifled the Anabaptist heritage.

In many nations, then, not only in Britain and Ireland, there are growing numbers of neo-Anabaptists and hyphenated Anabaptists. Neo-Anabaptists identify with the Anabaptist tradition and are happy to be known as Anabaptists, but have no historic or cultural links with any Anabaptist-related denomination. Hyphenated Anabaptists find inspiration and resources in the Anabaptist tradition, but do not identify themselves as Anabaptists. They might be Baptist-Anabaptists, Methodist-Anabaptists, Anglican-Anabaptists, Pentecostal-Anabaptists, or various other combinations.

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