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Living More with Less

"Do justice.
Cherish the natural order. 
Nurture people. 
Learn from the world community. 
Nonconform freely.”  
                           - Doris Longacre

This is a website for people who know something is wrong with the way we live and are ready to talk about change. It’s a website about rediscovering what is good and true, about beauty, healing, and hope, about getting more, not less.  

It’s a place for you to read stories and watch videos and to share your own experiences.  Join us as we choose to live simply and yet “joyfully, richly, and creatively.”  Together, we can learn from each other, share our knowledge and truly live “more with less.”


Introduction to Living More with Less book

Find out more about this 30th anniversary edition of the Living More with Less book.

Video Gallery

Check out short video clips of people sharing ways they care for the earth and for others.

Choice Radio

Eleven inspiring 60-second and two 30-second radio spots with ideas to help people live better, more simply.

How I Live More with Less

Quotes & photos from attendees at the Mennonite Church USA bi-annual convention in Pittsburgh, Pa., July 2011.

Living Simply
Living More with Less

Celeste Kennel-Shank writes this regular column on how she links faith with life by living simply. 

Stories & Ideas for Simple Living

Stories, ideas and tips for simple living, contributed by people from around the world. 


You are not alone in a desire to live more simply!  Here are links to a variety of websites, articles, books, blogs and more. 

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