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Reinventing Aging

No one ever pretended that the negative aspects of growing older are fun—but there have to be ways to “age better.”

And by aging better we don’t mean Botox—but rather getting the most out of life, minimizing drawbacks, and maximizing opportunities.

This is a site especially for those in the “middle” years of life—someone has called them the denial years—when we deny that we are aging. As we look ahead to the years that hold new promise, we can approach them as the poet Robert Browning said of aging, “The best is yet to be.”

Skeptics will say, “Yeah, the baby boomers think they have to reinvent everything.” Well, why not? And that shows the bias of these pages: which is, for baby boomers, by baby boomers (for the most part) with the goal of not repeating the mistakes of our parents and grandparents, finding new direction, embracing our older years with full enthusiasm—even if accompanied by a few aches.

Be sure to check out our companion site, Embracing Aging: Families Facing Change.  This site was created as a supplement to the documentary by the same title and includes many of the interviews from this program.    

Reinventing Aging: Contents

A Toolkit for Aging: Resources

Saying Goodbye

Dying Well

How Congregations Can Help

All in the Family

Home Sweet Home

What the Finances Say


Body, Mind and Spirit

What the Body Says

What Happens As We Grow Old

The Time of Our Lives

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